Title: Moved!
Date: Monday, August 23, 2010

Hello boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen: I've moved again! (: haha! To a new webbie: www.watercolours.onsugar.com - as introduced by feli! Really fun over there; must try someday yup! HEE. And oh yesh, please add! ^^

Title: Twist of events.
Date: Monday, August 2, 2010

Honestly, it never fails to surprise me whenever things which you thought you knew the way it is inside out and the outcomes are just within you fingers, something unexpected comes your way and disrupt all those beautiful calculations you had. Haha, I wonder if we should call that ironic or perhaps, a blessing in disguise. In whatever the case, when has we humans been able to fully manipulate and apprehend the ways things are laid out; we are just nothing but humans whom, sadly, accepts. Of course, saying all these is just my way of expressing the point that I'm totally unhappy with way things are; I mean we just sit here and accepts what life have thrown us, totally bind to the ground with our innovation and creativity being driven out of us. It is cruelly unfair. I hate to be sitting in school, unable to doing things I like, studying the subjects I fancy and taking profession in it. I hate being told what to do and what not; I dislike being given a perimeter to work in, given boundary in which limitations are almost everywhere. What's the point when you don't get to see endless horizons of possibilities? Why be bound to something that is imaginary? I'm certain and determined to make it out on my own, bringing along all those wonderful friends I've met with their hidden talents in them, it's staring right at my face almost all the time - what they are totally good at and their interests. Wished I could just setup a business corporation with all friends as their respective managers in their niche departments. HAHA, I know. Wishful thinking eh. But well, better than having none to think about. =P

Anyhow, I got a new water bottle from Ahming and Ferry as a birthday gift! THANKS GUYS! Truly sweet, and I loved the colour! (: okay, that's one hell load of rambling - time to knock off. P.S Looking forward to friday, meeting hf and xuan for coffee. Afterwhich, I have a week off till prelims! Shall pawn their asses. HEH. [Noticed all the grammatical error but my friends would've been smart to read it off so I'm not changing - plain lazy. HEE. nights my world! (:]

Title: dude, distance fare's making me worst off.
Date: Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So, what kind of system is this?! Even if the government wants to increase their total revenue by this means, it's just way too cruel! I mean come on, we've just recovered from the recent recession that made us worst off, ever; since independence!

Hello, I'm an unhappy student here. I'm not working and yet, they're eating out of me; happily!
Daily trip to school: from my home to AMK Hub Interchange through (261) is $0.31
From Interchange to school's side gate (169): $0.52
From yishun interchange to my house (853) : $0.58
Total fare per day: $1.41 - (rebate in the morning; $0.10) = $1.31!
Usual day fare w/o distance fare: $0.45 * 3 = $1.35
FINE, so I practically save a pathetic $0.04. BUT, if there's no rebate, that means I'm worst off by $0.06! _!_ Can you understand how I feel? I'm not literally blowing things outta proportion but this is way ridiculous. =.- I've a friend, who's usual bus trip is $0.45 and now it became a maximum of $0.70+! Like what the?!

G, nice going at reaping us to top up your revenue man. You'd better pay us a big fat lump sum of tax rebates when I'm 21. LOL. Anyway, what's wrong with the old system? Some old irresponsible peeps are not tapping their card according to their distance or what? SO you're implementing this to make us (nice peeps who abides) PAY?! DAMN, I'm really pissed. >_<'' RAH.

Title: READ THIS; any comments?
Date: Thursday, June 24, 2010

Robert Sternberg proposes a triangular theory of love. It is suggested that there are 3 components to love within a relationship.

(a) intimacy
feelings of closeness, connectedness, bondedness experienced in loving relationships

(b) passion
encompassing the drives that lead to romance, physical attraction, and sexual consummation

(c) commitment
encompassing, in the short term, the decision that one loves another, and in the long term, the commitment to maintain that love.

Empty Love - Commitment without Intimacy or passion
Friendship - Intimacy without passion or commitment
Infatuation - Passion without intimacy or commitment

Romantic Love - Intimacy and Passion, without Commitment
Companionate Love - Intimacy and Commitment, without Passion
Fatuous Love - Passion and commitment, without Intimacy

Consummate Love - Intimacy, Passion and Commitment

All I can say is, I found this somewhere on the net of someone's and it's so, erm. something new. HAHA.

Title: HOME-ALONE day#3
Date: Thursday, June 3, 2010

ah yesh. Apparently today's day number 3 being home, alone. This is way beyond any kind of sickness you would have thought of - I have never ever been so bored out of my brains for once in life, at least, that is during the JUNE HOLIDAYS. Nobody could ever understand how it felt, I never had, until now. What's queer is I'm actually ACTUALLY reading up on my subjects, but honestly, the process have been rather slow but hey, I'm trying right? My reading/scanning mechanism have been rusty, nearly beyond cure but no worries, ahmin is tuning her strings now, the skills will be hone to perfect in no time, she's sure. Anyway, something on the downside - I kinda hit the dump after monday and it kind of lasted till yesterday. Not sure what caused it, stress perhaps? But stress from where?! You people know me, my stress level is pretty low, (high tolerance level), besides, if there is, I would have known but I'm not! (ohmy) honestly considering checking it out with the school counsellor. haha! ahmin's gone nuts! whoops! I didn't want to bother anybody I knew about hitting the slumps but yy got it, undeniably, I crashed kind of hard on him but we got through. That's how he is to me, my crash absorber. shyt, how did this post ended up so long? Well, one thing's for sure - this week's mine. ALL of it - for myself to stuck at home, lazed around, curl up in my queen sized bed, reading up on stuffs here and there, use the comp, catch up on some drama (Personal Taste) and well, of course family and friends. Next week's holiday classes but I'm going to pack it in with enjoyment - filled with the girls. (who's free to meet me?)

Oh, you know. Don't know why but I feel like saying this now: I sincerely hope that we can remain as close as we were when we were younger, or perhaps, closer. The thing is, so what if time may pull us apart or reality shifts things a little? The changes do settles in within us unknowingly but honestly, deep down, those treasured moments, you just got to admit, those so perfect little moments, minutes that pasted when we'd get worried and cry for the other will never be gone. Instead, precisely because as we grow older, as the world gets especially more complicated and superficial, it is these moments that gets more prominent in our hearts and becomes a little piece of heaven for solace in our hearts when we reminisce the times. It is the trust we hold for the other in our hearts, we do not need much talking and you know it, the silence between us is what I call peace, no talking is needed, there wouldn't be any awkwardness, and you know it, it's comfortable just to enjoy both party's company. you will know what I mean even if it does not makes any sense to you now. This is dedicated to my girlfriends out there, bfriends, boyfriend, sister, closefriends, you know I am referring to you.

Title: awww, gosh, somebody help me;
Date: Monday, May 31, 2010

I have a damn bloody frigging big urge to buy clothes and it's all due to that Sex and the city 2 movie we just caught with (emily & chelle). Fun and fabulous movie! And it lasted for a whole 2 hours! who can imagined that!? Anyhow, have to start saving money from now onwards, all my moolahs apparently swoosh down the drain from food. OMFG. =( Oh, and I have made a resolution to start getting a new piece of clothing every month; in an effort to revamp wardrobe. [AND you know what darlin said after I told him that plus just spent a new 50bucks from a pair of Converse!, He said wait till he get his pay and he'd buy them for me. awwwww. what can I say, so sweet~ hahaha. I told him, nah, that piece of clothing wouldn't felt mine. LOL. But I don't mind if it's a present from him. LALALA!~ *_* night world. this is way past my golden nooze. loves! (:

Title: #1
Date: Sunday, May 16, 2010

'It's amazing how you knock me off my feet, every time you come around me I get weak. Nobody ever made me feel this way, you kissed me and take my breath away.'


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