Title: Admit it, love/i/you/we can be so unpredictable.
Date: Friday, October 30, 2009

Do you guys out there ever had moments where you'd wished your thoughts would just be uploaded automatically onto your online journals and stuffs? Perhaps that's what twitter's invented for eh? However, how would it work if there isn't any blackberry around? Ah, duh.

Well, I'm definately one of the many who had the fair share of those moments. And recently, these untimely moments had to come ever so often. 'Dude, I have to admit it that I'm pretty much your average girl with lotsa unpredictable moments accompanying. My mood changes like the wind but with reasons. I'm affected largely by the surroundings and sightings. Tell me something sad and obviously, I will too. Unfair you say? Hey, go on, judge and prove me wrong. Perhaps the notion of 'change is the only constant' is seeping slowly into my veins, depriving me of the oxygen, my brain is going dizzy, I can't seems to think rationally. Perhaps I am insecure, uncertain, not believing, not wanting to believe that it's all going to be alright. Yea right. Long great journey ahead we say, well, work hard.

Title: We are wasting precious time @ school. Oh, come on.
Date: Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We seniors attend school for don't know what ****. I mean seriously, I rather spend the time @ home studying or doing something useful rather than plainly going to school for don't know what PE lessons. Though, contradicting it may seems, xuanyi, ferry, ahming, hidayat and we 3 girls had fun playing captain ball & badminton. I felt refreshed! And opps, I fell on my back while trying to 'steal' the ball. Hope nothing happens tomorrow, so let's just keep my fingers crossed!

Title: Sometimes, it seems as though...
Date: Saturday, October 24, 2009

we would never understand how the other feels deep down inside. Perhaps, it was too difficult for me to say that I'm afraid of stepping into a lanshop. Well, dont ask me why but we all have bad memories of things, dont you? Sighs, when will we ever get pass this barrier?

Title: It's a load of heavy weights off my chest.
Date: Friday, October 16, 2009

WEEEE!~ Promotionals are finally over and it's non-stop playing till the end of the year! Ohmygosh, I'm so excited, I don't know what I should start with. Gee.

Anyway, have been sleeping since 6pm yesterday and I tell you, it's good. Totally refreshed. Let me list down the 101. things I'm going to do. Yea, maybe not 101. =.- opps. P.S (not in piority please.)

1. do up a chores lists with columns for signatures; toilets, dishes, clothes (dry/wet), floor (dry/wet).
2. Go down to ikea and check out my deluxe 2glass sliding door closet. =^.^=
3. Spring clean my room.
4. Spring clean the house.
5. Remind those ALEVELS STUDS TO STUDY and jio them OUT TO STUDY.
6. Do something about my language study. (i'm interested in latin. :x)
7. Brush up on my English.
8. Visit granny and grandma often. ( try to, once a week?)
9. Prepare FERRY 'TERMINAL's belated present and check out Phobia2's time slot BEFORE MONDAY(CANCELLED) cause he had the day booked!

So far so good. Shall keep that lovely list going on sometime soon. Love you guys! I miss my girlfriends. :/ jio them out on dates! >.<
BYE! :)!

Title: I have chemistry..oh wait, it sucks too.
Date: Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh my, will you look at the time? It's 4am and I have a 3hrs chemistry paper at 8. This is totally absurd. I'm so damn afraid to sleep in case my little brain forgets everything I've studied. Secret: This is way too last minute. How can you start studying a whole year of Chemistry in just 1day!? Yea, true that I've studied a long time before and have been doing constant revision but still. Sighs. Poor time management. I bet dad's so not going to be elated when he know's about this. I promised! =( Sighs.

Title: Sweetheart, we got another earhole for you.
Date: Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Woots! I feel empowered with the newly pierced earhole on my left ear. It's totally cool, well, at least I felt that way and perhaps yeeyew doesn't. Haha, too bad. =P He said it makes me look more like AhLian now. Groans.

Anyway, chelle and I got our studds on just by impulse! I mean we didn't actually got the idea 'cause we've talking about it since a long time ago. Hee. Now, people would kinda look at my ear twice when I walk down the street, woo~ I'm not attracting attention but please, let me play up with it for just a few weeks! :( It's fun to try something new once in a while. :] (gave a puppy face to him and I got away with it. HAH)

Tomorrow's the last paper for chemistry! Got to work hard! and I LOVE MY STUDDED EARRING! =P <3!

Title: Fame was not bad...I guess.
Date: Friday, October 9, 2009

Wooo, unexpectantly, chelle and I sat through the entire Fame without falling asleep. The movie was rather messy and stuffs with all the cut scenes here and there but hey, credits to the storyline and fab music! *claps* We had the same sentiments of the groove the dance aftermath, it was like 'you just came out from a party yo!'

Enough said, I learnt two things from the show. One is 'you have to break the wall and accept your circumstances or you will never be happy.' Make some sense huh? Second's rather cliche but hey, it's quite easy to get lost in your brain, 'love yourself before loving others'.

Alrights! Shall start on economics essay of market structure! Toodles! <3

Title: <3 ah gong, rest in peace.
Date: Saturday, October 3, 2009

I miss grandfather. We all do. Go peacefully. We will take good care of grandma. (:


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