Title: Light up our world...
Date: Friday, March 26, 2010

I love the arts. Not much of a graphics person, but fine arts is my thing. Especially contemporary. Well, would I see myself being an artist many years down the road? Perhaps, I can pursue it with an interest and hobby in mind.

Anyway, truly glad that blocks are finally over! We all know the true obstacles and hardships are just about to begin but, it's tough my boy. I love my friends especially, those whom advice me with their opinions too. LOVE wingwing and yingying! (:

Title: Express you feelings;
Date: Saturday, March 20, 2010

Emotions have always been a stumbling block for most people to conquer and overcome. By its nature, it is from a delicate source within our hearts that has been around for centuries yet requires thousands of years to understand.
To get a head start and better understand ourselves, it's best we understand how to receive and transmit emotional signals properly. Be confident, expressing your feelings and ideas is the first way to cross over the miscommunication bridge and winning the hearts of people.
To me, expression is freedom. It doesn't matter through what platforms, art, painting, verbal, singing, lyrics, music, video, photographs, etc... whilst, letting your mind, heart and soul take control and viola! An art piece of your interpretation on things. Perhaps, if you don't mind, I would see that everything in life takes the form of art, of expression. That's what makes life rather interesting with an alluring aura, doesn't it? Be in peace yo.

Title: *Laughs* How on Earth did I allowed him to...
Date: Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's funny when you flipped through the album once in awhile, reminiscing the old times that doesn't seems to be so long ago for as long as you can remember.

I am amused on how did I ever allowed him to sleep on my bed. For the record when no ever guy did! Better still, he totally slept without thinking twice. Haha. It's really amusing, ain't it? We did never have known that it would have turned out this way. Monday 22 March is approaching and something deep inside me is stirring up with anticipation, something that makes me smile at myself. I love the world. ;)

Date: Sunday, March 14, 2010

oh my gosh, holy smokes.
I'm truly glad we spent the whole day 'arguing' about all those stuffs, talking about anything under the sun and discussing our futures. Can I say that I'm sure that he has me in his future? He is in mine too. I was rather afraid of committing to anything, but he changed me. The burden, that befall on my shoulders when the results came out has finally been lifted. He changed the way of how I should have seen the world. That it wasn't much of my fault, to alleviate the guilt I suffered. It's a chain that has been tying me down since then, draining me mentally. Now I am free from this bondage of nothingness, from the invisible mountain piled up with imaginary problems, intertwined with panic and anxiousness. I thought falling into a deep hole would be inevitable but somehow, he showed me something. Finally, he lifted me up, bringing light into my tunnel. Thanks love. Chelle and ahxian helped me loads too, too great, for me to even think up of a proper way of gratitude. Hence, I would sincerely give them my words that, doing well and giving my best effort would be priority. Everyone, let's live this one life, to the fullest, with no regrets left unturned because we only got this one shot in life. [PSYCHOLOGY/ECONOMICS/BIOLOGY/INVESTMENT, HERE I COMEEEEE! ;D]

Title: more than friends.
Date: Sunday, March 7, 2010

I want to get drunk now. Bring me the alcohol please. Table full of them. BloodyMary's too cold of a Tom Yum soup for me. Screwdriver's not bad. But can I have a grasshoper please? and, yes. I love you.

Title: What's your inner most desire?
Date: Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dear Everyone,

'Could it have killed your heart, trying to escape out of the depths in your mind, all at the same time, that you are screaming for more? What is your inner most desire? The bitter sweet of all things, the beautiful poison ivy, dripping wet with the wonders if you ever get to taste it. Its cover, always alluring with warm memories of attaining. You feel tempted to just delicately unwrap the present laid in front of you. Can you resist it?

It's not the little things that I'm talking about, it's the once in the lifetime lures. The desire, to experience the world's most wonderful gifts. The forbidden apple that Eve ate. Could you feel your own desire, secretly, unconsciously, creeping out of your heart? A taste of the happiness, the sensuality, the something in your heart that craves for ... subjective towards individual's ideology of desires, and of course, what's mine, and what's yours? - E.


& mr.wang(:
blading, biology & arts
11 september 1991
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